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Representation in administrative proceedings

Our law firm represents clients before units of self-government, self-government appeal boards, voivodes, ministers and other administrative authorities in all the law branches we are involved in.

Administrative appeals

However it is less formal than in civil proceeding, but on the grounds of our experience it’s worth to be represented by professional. In most cases it guarantess success in proceedings before appellate authorities and in result it leads to a shorter proceeding in general.

Proceedings before administrative courts and Supreme Administrative Court.

To appeal against second instance authority you have to draw an appeal to an administrative court. Such proceeding is specific as and evidence may only documents be admitted. New documents may be admitted as an evidence extraordinary.

In turn to appeal against adminstrative court judgment or decision it is necesarry to draw cassation appeal. Such cassation appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court can be issued only by professional.

Excessive lenghtiness of administrative proceddings

Public administration authorities shall dispose of matters without delay. Unfortunetaly in several administrative proceedings an excessive lenghtiness of proceddings occurs. If the matter has not been disposed within the time limit specified in the Code of Administrative Proceeding you are entitled to a complaint to the administrative authority of higher level (usually second instance administrative authority).

Invalid decisions and reopening of the proceeding

In some cases, you may be entitled to call decision to be declared invalid or call for reopening of the procedding when the matter concluded with the final decision.

If the decision may not be declared invalid or proceeding may not be reopened you may be entitled to call for compensation if you suffered damages.

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